Spill Proof Bowl Transparent Slow Drinking Bowl For Dogs And Cats

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Keep your pup hydrated with this 70oz oversized bowl! Featuring a see-through design, you can check your pup's water level with a glance. The spill-proof, slow-drinking design ensures your floor stays dry. Quench your pup's thirst with this awesome bowl! 

70oz/2L Large Capacity:

Our 70oz/2L large capacity dog water bowl is the perfect solution for multiple pet households' hydration needs - no more need to constantly refill bowls. Keep your furry friends happily hydrated for longer!

Innovative Clear Design:


This transparent bowl enables easy monitoring of water quality & consumption, providing an at-a-glance view of water levels so you can recognize when to switch the water out for your pet.

Slow Water Feeder:

Automatic adjustable floating disk slows drinking speed, preventing wet mouth and choking. Enhances cleanliness, blocking dirt, dust, and pet hair.

Anti Spill & Non-Slip:

A widened bowl mouth, floating disk, and silicone plugs unite to keep water from splashing out and maintain the cleanliness of the floor. The non-slip, frosted bowl base helps guard against floor scuffing.

Easy to Clean:


The detachable disc can be taken apart to facilitate cleansing; we suggest its thorough cleaning at least twice in seven days. It is essential to restrain from haphazardly removing the mounted silicone stoppers to prevent loss.

Product information:

Material: ABS
Specification: transparent 2000ML
Product size: 21.3 * 21.3 * 9.5cm/0.46kg

Packing list:

Pet bowl * 1

Color: Transparent 2000ML