Adjustable Kitten Mitten’s 🐾

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Protecting your home from unpleasant scratching with our stylish Adjustable Cat Foot Claw Cover. This Anti-Scratch Prickly Nail Glove is designed exclusively for cats, featuring an adjustable fit and sturdy anti-off shoes nail glove for maximum protection and comfort. 🐱

Pamper your furry friend with this Adjustable Cat Foot Claw Cover! A snug fit offers safety protection for your cat, while the inner thorn design massages them for pleasure. Made from soft silicone material, these shoes are comfy and lightweight. Plus, the top opening & Velcro closure make it adjustable to fit all kinds of cats. The leakage hole design ensures water flows freely, while the boxed design makes for easy storage and carrying. Compatible with American Shorthair, Hayman Island, Persian, Egyptian, Korat and Japanese Bobtail. Not suitable for large cats like Maine Coon.🐱🐾👟❤️

Color: Blue