Automatic Smart Laser Pointing Cat Toy 🐈

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Obesity can significantly reduce a cat's lifespan, as the mortality rate for obese cats is three times higher than that of healthy cats. Without consistent outdoor exercise or active playtime, cats quickly become sedentary, putting them at risk of gaining weight. To ensure your pet's wellbeing and avoid the health complications that come with being overweight, make sure to invest in the Automatic Cat Toy Smart Laser. This device will provide your cat with a fun and interactive environment, even when you can't be home to play with your pet.
No more having to monitor your cat's playtime! The Smart Teasing Cat Collar is an amazing hands-free way to keep your cat entertained. The laser always stays a few steps ahead of your fast-moving kitty, no matter how much they run or jump. Perfect for the work-from-home lifestyle, this collar keeps your furry friend busy while you concentrate or take a break.
After 15 minutes of operation, the Smart Laser will switch to power saving mode, and will open back up 1 hour and 30 minutes later. Thanks to the USB rechargeable battery, owners need only charge it for just an hour to grant felines up to 5 hours of playtime. Finally, this collar toy is made with safety in mind, ensuring hours of worry-free fun.
This lightweight interactive cat collar is made from top-notch PC and TPC materials, making it easy to clean yet strong enough to handle your kitty's adventures. Soft to the touch, it's designed to fit comfortably without weighing down your pet. So go ahead and let your cat explore!

The adjustable collar of 8-12in and a flexibly tilted light pointer offer a perfect fit for cats of all sizes. Weighing an incredibly lightweight 1oz, this product provides hands-free entertainment - ideal for those who can't otherwise keep an eye on their cats when they're out and about. Perfect for those who don't want their cat damaging the house or becoming lethargic from a sedentary lifestyle. Get your furry friend a new toy today!


Made of TPR, this Doumao Stick has two modes - Smart and Low-Config. Smart version has a timer-off feature, while the Low-Config mode is manual-off. 310x34mm in size, the stick has a girth of 200-310mm.



Packing list:

Cat toy * 1
Charging cable * 1

style: Smart version