2-in-1 Pet Bath & Massage Brush

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Feel the joy of bathing and grooming your pet with this 2-in-1 Pet Bath & Massage Brush! The soft silicone bristles provide gentle exfoliation for a fresh and clean feeling while the 1-piece foam reservoir 💦 conserves shampoo to help avoid skin sensitivity. With an ergonomic handle and rubber grip 🔨 for control, it's now easy to remove dirt, mud, and excess hair from your pet's furry coat and paws. Plus, cleanup is a breeze as pet hair can be quickly and easily rinsed away. 💦🐶 Get ready to pamper your pet, enjoy bath time, and keep your pet happy—all with this incredible brush! 🛁💙


Packing list:

-1 Pet Bath & Massage Brush


Color: Green